Valiant is well positioned to supply a range of Ferrous and non-ferrous castings (grey cast iron, ductile iron or SG iron, alloy of aluminium, steel, copper, etc.), produced of gravity (green sand or die-cast) and investment processes. Yield weight of the produced castings ranges from 50 grams (0.11 lbs) to 750 kgs (1654 lbs) per unit approx. and confirms to major international standards and grades. for E.g. parts such as Exhaust manifolds, spring brackets, shackles, clutch plates and differential body. A few sand castings are shown here

The following tables gives an insight of the grades of grey iron castings we can supply to you as per Indian standard IS 210:1978 and to their equivalent German standards as per DIN 1691:1985

Grey Cast Iron Grades
Country/Grade - 40 35 30 25 20 15
India FG400 FG350 FG300 FG260 FG220 FG200 FG150
Germany - GG40 GG35 GG30 GG25 GG20 GG15

The following tables gives an insight of the grades of Ductile iron castings we can supply to you as per Indian standard IS 1865:1974 and to their equivalent German standards as per DIN 1693:1997

S.G.Iron grades
Country/Grade 1* 2* 3* 4* 5* 6*
India SG 370/17 SG 400/12 SG 500/7 SG 600/3 SG 700/2 SG 800/2
Germany GGG40 GGG45 GGG50 GGG60 GGG70 GGG80

* Representative numbers and does not specify any grade
We can supply intermediary DIN grades such as GGG40.3, GGG50.3 and others not mentioned here. The castings can be produced to required Physical (Tensile properties and elongation %) and chemical properties (metal composition). Having said that we can supply castings to ASTM, EN and any other international standard.

All our gravity casting suppliers are equipped in-house with the following capabilities:

  • Melting: Induction furnaces and cupola furnaces with crucibles of various ranges
  • Mould: CO2, Shell, Green sand, no bake or air or oil setting moulds
  • Moulding line: Conventional – Pairs of ARPA-900/ARPA-450 / ARPA-300 Simultaneous jolt / Squeeze Pin lift machines
  • Sand plant, mold handling & metal handling systems
  • CE analyser & Spectrometer for chemical analysis
  • Physical lab includes image analyser with microscope, UTM, Brinell and Rockwell Hardness testing machines
  • Core shop with or without core shooter (Cold box /shell mould)
  • Grinding and fettling facility with power operated hand tools
  • Testing: NDT facility- ultrasonic and radiography
  • Surface finishing, inspection, packaging and warehouse facilities


Most of our vendors are equipped with conventional and CNC machines for turning operations and tool room facilities. Heat treatment are usually outsourced from their vendors

New product development

We can undertake prototyping of your castings in India. Our new product development service involves right from preparation of designs and drawings (for mould making and machining separately), pattern making, tool design and development for moulds and machining processes respectively during the development cycle. Our engineers are well trained and have sound technical knowledge in development of new castings (both sand and die cast), therefore quality of end product can be assured at all times. Our company can act as your Indian office to develop, manage and control the use of such tools for production in India with the supplier of our buyer’s choice from time to time.  We safeguard the interests of the buyer and IP of their products in India at all times.