Chief minister’s solar rooftop capital incentive scheme

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CM’s Solar Rooftop Capital Incentive Scheme

  • Applicable to solar “grid-tied” or otherwise called as “on-grid” systems
  • Installation categories are 1 KW, 2 KW and 5 KW
  • Generated power can be fully utilised (or) exported to T.N.E.B grid using Net meter
  • Bi-monthly E.B bills are to be paid for Net consumed units only (EXPORTED minus IMPORTED units)
  • Assured reduction in your power bills upon installing rooftop solar power plants
     About the Scheme :

  • An individual’s residence is eligible for one kilowatt connection if approved load minimum is 1.5 kw and bi-monthly consumption is minimum of 500 units.
  • Beneficiary will get 2 subsidies. One is state government subsidy Rs. 20,000 & second one is MNRE Subsidy 30%.
  • Beneficiary can deduct subsidies upfront and pay us the remaining cost of the on-grid system
cis scheme    Scheme conditions :

  • The subsidy will be given on ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis.
    [For 10,000 houses only]
  • Applicable to grid-connected, battery-less systems
  • Applicable to TNEB domestic consumers with tariff category LT ‘LA 1A’ – residences (Individuals) & Apartments / Flats (group category).
  • Solar power generated is to be consumed within the building.
  • Solar modules should be installed on a flat roof surface and at a shade-free location.

We provide solar power packs to COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL consumers, outside this scheme

For registration / queries Contact 90032 80012

Note : Subsidies are subject to change anytime in future without prior notice.

Our firm Valiant is a channel partner of Kondaas Automation P Ltd, a TEDA approved installer under this scheme.