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Our company provides engineering-related value added services and solutions to global manufacturing companies, trade associations, business delegations, government functionaries and organisations aiming to enter India in order to sell their goods and services or vice versa.  We engage them rightly with potential buyers of goods or services or source components from low cost but high quality producers in India. The following are some of the key solutions we offer to our clients

Product Sourcing

Valiant Consultrade an Indian registered trading firm that offers sourcing of engineering related value added products. Through this service we help traders and manufacturers from countries outside India to source components and raw materials from us which are actually produced by our suppliers.  We directly trade goods produced by Indian firms or act as buyer’s agents for annual contracts

We have contract manufacturing arrangements with our Indian suppliers and also constantly develop multiple supplier base within India. Our tie ups enable us to utilise supplier’s facility as our own and offer quality products to the international buyers at relatively competitive prices. Our engineering expertise helps us to cross examine supplier costs from manufacturing perspective and pass on the cost benefits to the buyer firms effectively.

Business Consultancy

We provide bespoke consulting solutions to resolve the needs of companies and business delegations entering India. Some of the key consultancy solutions offered are:

 •  Identification of  Joint Venture partners for marketing or manufacturing

 •  Identification and setting up of marketing network across India to market goods or services provided by the overseas company.

 •  Business programme management: Potential buyer analysis and facilitate business initial meets, programmes or client meets of the  overseas visitors in India.

 • Solutions aimed at helping companies at various stages right from their first visit to India until they actually set up their own manufacturing base in India.

As most of the above exercises involve from a minimal to indepth market research and analysis, we tailormake them further to suit our domestic and foreign clientele’s business plans and timeline constraints.

If you are looking for a reliable partner in India to carry on your India business plans, do contact us with your requirements. We assure your of our prompt and valuable services to aid faster implementation of your growth strategies.

India is a land of opportunities and Valiant Consultrade is a potential partner to work with.