Business Consultancy

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“We support overseas firms entering Indian market with specific business requirements from themselves or their client firms. Our help is timely and assist them in finding right business partners, set up business in India, directly or through a tie-up and in a few cases only with market research services. Support trade missions and companies with related market information, surveys, analysis and guidance whilst spearheading their business promotions in India.”

Specialised in servicing engineering firms, Valiant understands clients’ needs from the technical perspective, guided by market intelligence and offer solutions together with the team’s expertise to design and deliver tailor-made solutions in diversified sectors. Manage business meets and facilitate new entrants right from their first visit until they actually set up their own or joint venture operations in India. We aspire to represent key global organisations in India and become trusted partners for many institutions through rendering value added services at good quality.

Our key consulting solutions are:

  • Identification of marketing partners in target international market or within India
  • Market intelligence on products / services within India (includes detailed research and analysis reports)
  • Consulting solutions in new market identification, market entry, partner identification and selection.
  • Geographical and cultural understanding to India and Indian businesses
  • Finding Global Joint Venture (JV) partners in technology or manufacturing
  • Setting up manufacturing location in India : Consulting support in identifying suitable manufacturing zones in Tamilnadu / Karnataka and supporting companies in due diligence exercise.
  • Setting up sales /representative offices in India (in quick time)
  • Dedicated business development in India / target market for client’s products & services
  • We help you make informed business decisions by supporting with sectoral intelligence with respect to Indian market.
  • Specific projects: Field surveys in selected cities of India for vehicle density, traffic pattern, vehicle models /category by manufacturer, etc.
  • Export assistance of new / used automobiles from India, obtaining all statutory / government clearances for the same.
  • Assist Indian manufactures to bridge the “gaps” in their production units with or without external assistance. “gaps” could be related to technology/human related/process related. We also act as catalysts to enhance their marketing capabilities beyond the regions they were serving in the past.
  • Assist international trade associations, government functionaries and trade delegations with business event programme management services, right from identifying the prospects until¬† their events or seminars are conducted and concluded positively.

Valiant also offers extended office support to overseas organizations in India. Or in other words, representation services in business development in Indian market.

Our overall past experiences are in automotive, construction industry, agriculture, civil construction, construction equipment, F&B, Information technology and general engineering sectors.