Product Sourcing

sourcing_banner_sm1F2a“We provide product sourcing solutions to global manufacturing and trading firms looking for alternate supplier base in India. Our suppliers are ISO 9001 certified and have world class machineries and infrastructure. The parts, components, assemblies and goods we source are offered at very competitive prices, at expected quality and at timely deliveries.”

This is possible due to our strong vendor base and the contract manufacturing agreements we have with manufacturers, in all the product categories mentioned in this page. Our prices remain competitive because of the same reason.  We absorb all technical aspects of a new product from the inquiry stage fully, understand the application side of the product, choose right manufacturing processes as well as the supplier having all capabilities in-house, support our vendor with technical aspects of new product development and in joint inspections with  our supplier until product is approved by the end user. Protecting the buyer’s interests and producing components at better than expected quality are embedded within our work principles. At the same time we maintain good relations with our suppliers and achieve timely results. We undertake order volumes in small shipments or full container loads (FCL) equivalents and offer optional delivery of ordered goods right into the customer warehouse.

Our company offers engineering products (O.E. as well as aftermarket part) made under the below categories :

  • Ferrous and non- ferrous castings (grey, ductile iron, alloy of aluminium, steel, zinc, etc.), both gravity, investment and die-castings ranging from 50 grams (0.11 lbs) to 750 kgs (1654 lbs) per unit confirming to international standards and grades. E.g. Exhaust manifolds, spring brackets, shackles, clutch plates and differential body. A few sand castings are shown here
  • Please click here » for more information about the range of castings we can supply to you.
  • Steel forgings
  • Sheet metal pressed and fabricated products (both light 0.7 mm thick and heavy fabrication upto 16 mm thickness) ranging from light steel window frames, inspection doors, machinery covers, steel cabinets, condenser units, piling foundation parts to heavy fabricated hoppers,  screw conveyors, air dust collecting vents, canopies for screw compressors, boilers and pressure vessels, etc. Please click here » for more information
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous turned components (machined parts) to tolerances upto + / – 0.02mm
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous bought-out items like fasteners, valves, gauges, tools and the like.
  • Themoplastic components and assemblies made of PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE,  PP, PS and special grades.
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  • Rubber products (both natural and synthetic types such as neoprene, nitrile, silicon, sbr and epdm grades) + read more »
  • Rubber-to-metal and rubber-to-nylon bonded parts (for automotive, general engineering applications)
  • Machineries & equipments fabricated of Mild Steel or stainless steel and serving to specific application / sectors

Sample products from the above categories are displayed below

Our experience in formulating efficient quality procedure and quality plans, packing and despatch plans help our customers to realise the value in engaging us for their annual contracts. We work closely with our suppliers and buyers to formulate them right during the signing in stage and pass on the cost benefit to the buyers while they sign supply contracts with us.

Inspection Services:

As part of all product sourcing projects, Valiant undertakes Finished goods Inspection Services.

Valiant’s independent, third-party inspection and quality assurance services, includes, Factory Audits, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Random Inspection and Loading Supervision directly on-site at the supplier’s location in India.

Valiant conducts on-site visits to the supplier / manufacturer’s plant to determine evaluate fabrication techniques, assembly procedures or quality issues, and ensure that the production is as per client specified requirement. Inspection can range from a simple walk through to extensive sample retrieval and onsite analysis. Our sample custody is continuous from on-site photography and logging, through third party laboratory analysis and secure storage. Prior to initiating a raw material inspection service, Valiant seeks to obtain a data sheet for the assignment.

Material Inspection Services are essential to ensure that all material supplied meets client / project defined specifications. Valiant can facilitate quality analysis (QA) on all engineering goods sourced from India and validate them as per ASTM, BS, GS, JS, IS and other international standards at third party test centres .

Quality policy:

Our client’s as well as end users’ satisfaction is primary.

During the pre-ordering stage, our engineers pass on the quality requirements to our suppliers exactly as it was received from our clients, take confirmations that there are no gaps in supplier’s understanding of the product and set individual targets to exceed our clients expectations on quality. Our sourcing teams work in tandem with suppliers in planning stage, conduct surprise intermediary checks whilst production to monitor quality and conduct final inspection with the use of Quality plans and measuring tools, verify all values against their parameters at supplier’s works before despatch to ensure 100% quality compliance.

We can also facilitate contract manufacturing tie-ups on need basis.