Sheet metal products

Sheet metal products

Valiant sources light and heavy fabricated assemblies made of metal sheets or plates from contract manufacturing companies in Southern India having exclusive manufacturing facilities with established quality systems, qualified supervisors, certified and well trained workforce within their premises.

Materials: Stainless steel, Aluminum, Hot Rolled Steel (HRS), Cold Rolled Steel (CRS), Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO)

Our suppliers manufacture sheet metal products utilizing suitable production process capabilities and machineries from the following list.

1. Shearing: operations include ‘blanking’ and ‘piercing’

2. Cutting: Conventional and CNC plasma, CNC oxycut and laser cutting machines.

3. Rolling:

a) Bars, channels, angles, tube and pipe into rings and ring segments

b) Plate and sheet into cylinders and cylinder segments, helixes, cones; concentric or eccentric

c) Radius forming to your template, to tangents, angles, channels, hat channels, inverted hat channels, square to rounds, rectangle to round, obrounds, approximate ellipses and ellipses

4. Forming

Bending: Conventional, NC and CNC Press brakes , mechanical power presses of various tonnage / bed sizes.

Deep  drawing: We are experienced in developing and supplying deep drawn components by utilizing a range of hydraulic presses and special grade steel sheets / plates

5. Fabrication : Assembly of various child parts using master drawings and custom production process done with the help of experienced welders and fabricators.

6. Pickling: Cleaning, Descaling, and Passivation using upto 7 tanks / stages

7. Surface finishing: Hot dip Galvanising, spray painting, anodising, cathodic electro deposition (CED), electro-plating, powder coating and polishing facilities. The thickness of these layers can vary from less than 1μm up to several 100 μm.

A few other special processes widely utilized for specific type of products

1. Pipe / tube bending

2. Spot welding

Vendor factories are equipped with latest world class machineries and their expertise are up-to-date when compared to their peers worldwide. Key to success of the manufactured sheet metal quality can be achieved through experienced and qualified workforce and staff, as every product requires custom tailored process line and team skills. Our expertise lies in devising production processes and timelines, right in the sampling stage, especially with safety critical applications. We do test skills of our vendor’s supervisors and fabricators, provide briefings on your quality requirements to them and confirm that there are no gaps in understanding of  your products and their applications. Most of our contact manufacturers employ specialist workforce  such as welders and inspectors possessing qualifying certificates from bodies such as the American Welding Society (AWS) and The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India). Some of our vendor factories are certified manufactures of fabricated sheet metal products and assemblies from such organisations.

Our sheet metal products and assemblies are made to drawings provided by our client firms, assembled at works by our expert contract manufacturers in India, supplies are done as per the ‘incoterm’ agreed in our contract. The standards vary depending on the end use of the manufactured product, say the boiler and pressure vessels are heavy fabricated items and are  manufactured according to ASME code and standards

The applications of the sheet metal products are enormous and are widely used in Automotive, Agriculture, Civil construction, Construction equipments, Material handling equipments and in all process industries irrespective of the sector they serve. We execute products usually in minimum one 20 foot container volume and upwards.