Solar energy solutions

Solar energy solutions

Solar energy is foremost among all the non-conventional energy sources that is available in plenty and sets no bounds for its usage. It is imperative for businesses to become efficient in not just the human talent they possess but also reduce cost of their operations. In the global endeavor to educate and introduce alternative energy solutions, our company is happy to provide solar solutions to help all sections of the society to harness green energy. We are committed to provide complete customer satisfaction and provide solutions with utmost care and precision.

We have government certified solar professionals to undertake system design, installation, Project engineering and management.

Our solutions are

Solar on-grid systems

Otherwise called as ‘grid-tied’ systems, this is most recent technology facilitates transport of energy produced from solar photovoltaic panels directly to the electricity grid with the help of a bi-directional meter. This system does not need lead acid batteries and thus completely eliminate the need for maintaining batteries at regular intervals. This environmental friendly solution is ideal for domestic consumers utlising heavy load at evening hours as well as industries and commercial establishments utilising heavy load during daytime. On-grid systems are ideal at places where loadshedding is minimal, rare and lasts only for a few minutes .

Domestic consumers can avail subsidy based Chief minister’s solar rooftop capital incentive scheme.

We provide on-grid systems and solutions with net metering facility to commercial establishments (operating on 24×7 basis).


Solar power packs

Otherwise called as ‘off-grid’ systems, is a  battery backup based solar PV system that enables power producer to locally store the power generated from the solar panel and use them from battery source when E.B power supply fails. The power backup duration of the system depends on installed battery capacity and load factors.

Residences and small to medium commercial establishments can benefit from installing our solar power packs. Our solutions are  tailored to individuals’ load utilisation factors, usage requirements and other  key parameters. Off grid systems are ideal at places where load shedding is frequent, for long hours and power availability during day time is very much a necessity.

Companies can make use of the accelerated depreciation (AD) benefits provided by the income tax laws to reduce capital investment costs of their off-grid systems. For more details,  click here.

Technically all our solar PV panel supplies carry 25 years performance warranty and are certified to IEC standards 61215 Ed. 2, IEC 61730, IEC 61701.

Solar water heating systems

Kondaas water heaters are available in two models , Evacuated tube collector (ETC) and Flat plate collector (FPC) types.  Our solutions are tailor made to each building, water quality, pressure type and usage pattern.

Domestic Range starts from 100 LPD to 500 LPD (Litres Per Day) capacities.

Project Range starts from 1000 LPD & above. Our solutions caters to hospitals, hostels, residences, industries, colleges and catering institutes.

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Solar water pumping systems

We provide solar based water pumping solutions to the agricultural and domestic purposes. Water can be pumped from openwell, tank or borewell using our solution.

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